Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation - A 501(c)3 non-profit organization  

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There are a number of great websites devoted to suicide awareness and prevention.  These are just a few.

http://mantherapy.org   Meet Dr. Rich Mahogany, a down-to-earth, no nonsense therapist able to talk psycho-speak in a down to earth understandable way.


http://myStrength.com     A new website that should appeal more to women.  Sponsored by Mind Springs Health.  There is a registration process with a question asking for "Payer Code".  Type in WELLNESS.

Mind Springs Health  www.mindspringshealth.org

National Association for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Western Slope--a grass roots organization that provides education, support and advocacy for people and their families affected by mental illness.  Information available at their website:  www.namiws.org

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  www.afsp.org  


Centers for Disease Control Violence Prevention www.cdc.gov/violenceprevention/suicide/ 


Youth Suicide Prevention Program  www.yspp 

National Mental Health Association  www.nih.gov/about/almanac/organization/NIMH.htm

Suicide Prevention Resource Center  www.sprc.org



Active Minds www.activeminds.org